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If you're playing a poker game and you look around the table and and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you.

Crypto Gambling Casino’s Preventive Measures for Collusion

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Money is always sweeter, and unfortunately, people use deceitful ways to earn it. This is true in the game of poker; players try to collude to take iniquitous advantage. Collusion occurs when one or more players act as a team at a poker table by sharing their hand information and that of opponents. They share the game of opponents; the objective is for any player in their squad to win the hand. The pot is shared among themselves proportionately. On a poker table, players receive partial information; the more information one has greater his/her advantage. Generally, that information comes as the player becomes an experience and uses strategy. All the advantage is taken from the information available to all players at the poker table.

 Explaining collusion 

But when a group of crypto gambling players gathers extra information using unfair means, a collision happens, and it is banned by both online and traditional casinos. In collusion, as other team members fold and reflow, the other player of the team knows he possesses the best possible flush and seamlessly wins the round. In collusion, information is shared about the drawing of a specific hand. If a player has flush and indecisive of the odds folding of hands of the given suit by other members of the collude team provide information whether he is more or less likely to make the given a hand.

Crypto Gambling

Preventive measures

 Online casinos are aware of collusion and take active prevention measures to prevent it to ensure every player gets a fair play opportunity. One of the measures is to deny access to players playing under the same IP umbrella. This is more used in cash games than in tournaments. If two players under the same IP address want to sit at the same table, the second player is not permitted. It is understood two players are playing from the same premises and are likely to collude, and they prevent the likely occurrence. But if players from the same premise use different IP addresses or come from different geographical locations, they are likely to collude. To prevent such circumstances, premier online poker sites track the account of every player to identify any suspicious activity, whether colluding, botting, or other actions.


If they spot accounts that are likely to collude, they investigate further about the operation. They try to identify how the suspected player plays with another related account compared to other players in the pool Members of the colluding team often play softly with each other. Mostly they do not take proactive actions to show the lowest possible stake. After all, whoever wins the pot would be shared equally among them. Every stake makes the pot bigger, which is welcoming for them. If an online poker site gathers substantial evidence of collusion, they freeze the account and confiscate any amount left over there. Once the probe is complete and the accused players are convicted, the remaining asset is distributed among affected players.

If you suspect any crypto gambling player or players are colluding at your poker table, immediately report to the site where you are playing. You can inform them about these dubious activities through email or live chat.

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